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  • 进行业务可行性分析,确保业务的线上实施策略
  • 初步建立B2C的电商平台,测试运行
  • 建立各种销售中心链接的插件与功能扩展组功能
  • 加强客户要求的仓储与订单管理等各类型系统对接
  • 建立全面的SNS账号,并进行内容维护策略的实施
  • 进行合理的内容营销策略与SEO优化策略推行B2C方案


  • Mike Newton
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    Great article. Thank you for your post, it helps me to develop my work.

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      Your article was excellent and erudite. Thanks

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    I find these article very useful and appropriate and also share them with my colleagues.


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